What Is Event Blog? Make Money On Event Blogging

What is Event Niche Blog? 

A blog which is made to focus on a solitary day or week or month for accepting the immense measure of movement is called occasion specialty blog.

Illustration: Happy New Year (Target: one day or week)

Indian Premier League (Target: Almost 50 Days)

In the limited capacity to focus time, you can make tremendous salary. In a solitary day, you can even make thousand of dollars. In the event that you don't know about occasion blogging then it will seem like a phony. Hold up a moment amigo, first, let me disclose to you idea driving $$$$ in multi day, at that point you will trust.

For Newbie: Concept Behind $$$$ in a Day (Even in couple of hours) 

Note: This segment is just for an amateur, on the off chance that you know about occasion based blogging, you can skip.

Assume, today is Valentine day and you have a web association and Smartphone or PC, what will you do?

Most presumably, you will seek something about valentine day like

Glad Valentine Day Wishes

Valentine Day Gifts for sweetheart

You are not the only one on the planet; there are billions of individuals who do comparable inquiry about a specific point.

Furthermore, for the most part they experience Google or some other web crawlers.

So in occasion blogging, we do make a blog on a specific theme (eg. Valentine) and by doing site design improvement we do rank our site at the best position in the web search tools.

In the event that my site is on the main page, with a decent watchword then I will get a huge number of movement in a solitary day. By adapting my blog with Advertisements (Adsense), I can make $$$$ in a solitary day.
Types of Events 


Autonomy Day, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas (You can likewise incorporate your neighborhood occasions)


IPL, Wrestle craziness, Olympic, Football associations, World Cup and so forth. 

Live Show: 

IIFA, DID great Finale, WWE Wrestlemania, BiggBoss, Games of Thrones and so on.

Dispatches and Offers:   

Flexibility 251, Galaxy S6 dispatch, Big Billion Day Sale, Black Friday and so on.


Motion pictures Trailer, Movies Release, Box Office Collection and so on.

There are numerous sorts of occasions. So you may pick any of them.

When should we start an event blog?
Indeed, this one is a decent inquiry.

In the event that you are totally new in the Blogging field, at that point you should begin 2 months earlier the occasion date.

On the off chance that you have done any occasion before then you should begin multi month or 45 days before the occasion.

In the event that you have an old area then you can begin before 15 long periods of the occasion.

You will have additional time, and with time you can do various investigations to rank your blog.
Choosing an Event
Here I will control you to get a correct area for your occasion blog.

Space name does not matters a great deal, but rather it does make a difference.

In the event that your substance and SEO is fine then you can rank any area.

I will prescribe you to take an EMD (correct match space), in light of the fact that, there is a watchword in your area and furthermore it builds the pursuit CTR. We should see the depiction beneath, for Independence Day individuals will jump at the chance to click Independence Day related area as opposed to other space.

So to register a space, go to any area recorder. I generally enlist an area from Bigrock, they are giving great administrations and effortlessly you can have space on Blogger.

You may run with an .in augmentation name for Indian occasion.

On the off chance that you are doing any USA occasion at that point dependably run with .com, .net or .organization.
What ought to be your Plan to Ranking the Event? 

Till now you are finished with the watchword examine part. You have your primary target watchword alongside other supporting catchphrases. Presently you have additionally your area and you have facilitated on Blogger effortlessly.

Presently what ought to be your arrangement for your occasion blog? How you should function with the goal that your occasion blog will be positioned?

So here I am proposing a few designs, which I do take after for my occasion Blog. Assume you have begun your occasion Blog just before 45 days. Presently you have to center around the substance and the third party referencing. Aside from both, you additionally need to deal with social signs. So here I am will share what I take after.

My objective is to cover every one of the watchwords of the occasion. I would prefer not to miss any single watchword of the occasion with the goal that I can drive bunches of movement to my occasion Blog.

So you have to distribute post day by day, either make a solitary post or twofold or triple in multi day.

In the event that you do distribute short substance at that point make 50+ posts.

In the event that you are making long posts, at that point 20-30 posts would be sufficient.

For Backlink process, you can make backlinks day by day or even in a solitary day however ensure that they list normally, else it will considered as spam.

What amount backlinks required for positioning an occasion Blog?

There are loads of components in Backlinks for positioning an occasion blog. I do consider the main number of root areas that is it. I never think about significance, area expert what not.

You will get finish insights about backlink, in the Backlink area.
Social Signal 

Increase social flag day by day, or you can get some social flag from Fiverr. Google in addition to vote is vital for occasion blogging. Aside from google in addition, you can increase social flag from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and so on.

Actually, I do utilize Facebook, Google Plus and Pinterest for the social flag.

Internet based life

By and by, I utilize Facebook, Google Plus, and Pinterest to get the social flag and also drive more movement.


Begin this procedure before seven days of Event.

On Facebook, Create 4-5 Facebook Fan Pages. You can make more, it absolutely relies upon you.

Name the pages like Independence day Images, Independence Day Speech and so on.

Post Daily pictures, change profile pictures(As profile Picture increase higher perceivability on Facebook).

Offer your Post on Facebook pages.

On the off chance that you are not getting Page loves at that point don't stress, but rather never welcome your companions to like the page. Indeed, in less page likes you can get gigantic commitment.

Here is a little detail of a fourth Of July page.


On the occasion day just I got 1000+ offer. On this sort of pages and post, you will get more post shares than the like. Here is some best performing post on just occasion day.


Google Plus

Make maybe a couple network identified with your Event and pictures first, at that point promote you can share posts as well.


On Pinterest make a record and make a board related your occasion. Like Independence day Images.

At that point get the Pinterest augmentation for chrome.

At that point stick as much as pictures from your occasion Blog.


The principle adaptation technique for occasion specialty blogging is Adsense.
You can offer Amazon items identified with the occasion. For Indian occasions, you can offer Flipkart, Snapdeal items.
For freedom day deal "Autonomy day T-shirt".
CPI(Cost per Install)
You can attempt some cost per introduce Apps. As Flipkart pay Rupees 25 for a solitary application introduce.
How to build Adsense CTR? 

Adsense CTR assumes a critical part in winning.

We should assume, your CTR is 1% and you are making 1000$. In the event that you do accomplish 3% CTR then your procuring will be $3000.

So here are few hints to expand CTR.

Utilize Fast Loading responsive Blogger subject.

Set Proper Template for Mobile clients. There are numerous bloggers who do this mix-up.

Go to Blogger>Template, in versatile area tap on Gear symbol.

And after that pick "No, demonstrate Desktop layout on Mobile gadgets"

Numerous bloggers pick a yes choice, with the goal that multiple occasions on cell phone, the Adsense units of the sidebar or more the overlap don't appear to the client. So they don't click, that prompts diminishing of CTR.

Attempt to utilize more responsive advertisement unit.

Adsense Experiment

Here Adsense analyze does not mean drifting, clickjack, or some other Adsense approach infringement.

I intend to do try different things with the promotion position and in addition an advertisement unit.

In Ad unit coordinate the foundation shade of the blog to the foundation unit, you can likewise utilize a dim foundation in advertisement unit to draw in the guest towards the promotions.

Is Your Blog not Ranking? 

On the off chance that you can't rank your occasion blog, at that point don't be miserable. Here are a few strategies by which you can likewise win some cash on the occasion day.

>>Steal Competitor Ranking

You can likewise make a few dollars without positioning your Blog. However, only mindful before few long periods of the occasion, on the off chance that you are not getting great site hits before the occasion then you have to attempt some other method to get more site visits and make some rank in the web search tool.

So here I am will advise a strategy to take contenders positioning. You need to visit numerous contenders occasion blog, who are as of now positioning.

Visit their blog, and see there is prevalent post gadget. On the off chance that yes, at that point break down the prevalent post area.

Presently make a post on your Blog with a similar title. In your post incorporate same headings which have been utilized by that occasion blogger. I intend to compose a similar article in your own particular word with a similar title and headings. By doing this I got better than average movement on those posts. So you can likewise attempt this technique. Discover more contender famous posts and make posts on your blog.

>>Event Blog Commenting

You can win hundred of dollars without positioning your blog. Truly, just by doing remarks on occasion blog.

One of my companion Iftekhar Ahmed clarified a total procedure for how to profit without positioning occasion.

>>Social Sharing

Do social offer on your Facebook as much as you can. Group of onlookers love to share the occasion related post on the web-based social networking. Each time I got a colossal social offer of my post on my Facebook page.

I do change profile photo of my page each hour, at that point I include my post interface by altering that profile picture post since profile picture got more commitment than alternate pictures
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